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  1. Our home loan rate was 6.25% and we though we had the best deal. Yellow Rooster Mortgages restructured our interest rate down to 5.45%. On our home loan of $400,000 we saved $3200 in repayments in the very first year! – Mary and Thomas

  1. When I bought a car, I took out a car loan at 17.95%. Repayments were around $600 a month. Yellow Rooster merged my car loan with my home loan at just 6%. My payments were reduced from $600 to just $200 a month! – Ravi and Gita

  1. As a courier driver I lack financial education. Yellow Rooster spoke plain English. They showed me how we could trim down the life of our mortgage by making simple changes to the way we operate our daily bank accounts. We are now looking to repay our mortgage in just 22 years, saving thousands in interest repayments! - Terry