With so many different home loans, fees and charges how do you make the correct decision? Why go to a bank and be offered one solution when as your mortgage broker we can offer a range of solutions from many lenders. We will tell you in writing who they are, what their interest rates are, their fees and charges and our service is free to you because the lenders pay us a commission which we will fully disclose to you.

The major banks aren't the only place to find a good home loan. There are other safe alternative home loan lenders available to you such as Building Societies and Credit Unions. We also have other lenders offering good alternatives and good service.

Whether you are a first home buyer, looking for an investment loan or if you want to refinance an existing home loan. Yellow Rooster Mortgages has over 20 lenders and a wide selection of home loan and Insurance products available.

First home buyers, family home refinance, property investment portfolios, renovations, executive homes and apartments. We can give you a mortgage choice with basic variable, offset account, fixed rate loans or line of credit facilities.

Whatever your needs, we can educate, guide and help you procure a home loan, financial product or insurance policy that is best suited to your individual needs.

At Yellow Rooster Mortgages we can help you apply for:

* Upto 90% Home loans (10% deposit)
* Equity (non deposit) Home Loans
* First-home Buyer loans
* Investment Loans
* Interest Only Loans

We understand you may be busy and you may not have spare time to research hundreds of home loan products out there, so we do the hard work for you. We are experienced in mortgages and options in the market. We can help you achieve peace of mind knowing you are choosing the current home loan best suited to your needs.

We are local, just like you and can offer tailored advice based on the Auckland property market. Your life can be simpler and care free once you have the right mortgage and repayments that are manageable. Our services are designed to save you time and worry. We can do much of the hard work on your behalf, and help guide you to fast approval and quick settlement.

Talk to Yellow Rooster Mortgages. We are ahead of the market and know which lenders are bringing out the best deals in home loans, and which provider can provide you that insurance cover you need.

Call and talk to us, or submit your enquiry on-line.